Write. Make Money. Repeat.

Are you wanting to learn one of the easiest (and I believe, the best) way to monetize your blog?

Amazon is one of my primary monetization methods, and I make thousands of dollars every month as an Amazon affiliate

This eBook explains how I do it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

Important tips about keyword research, how it relates to Amazon & why you need to be doing it.

The best places to put your affiliate links to convert sales.

All about contextual links vs. call to action links.

How to find out what your readers actually want to buy.

The secret way to draw reader's attention to your affiliate links.

And more...

Cracking the Code on the Amazon Associate's Program

About the Author

I'm Ashli, and I'm the founder of the popular blog, The Million Dollar Mama.

The Million Dollar Mama was started in August of 2016, after the birth of my first child.

Previously, I worked as a Behavior Specialist and Community Outreach Coordinator for a large, national non-profit. 

Within the space of a couple of months, I found out she was pregnant, the branch of the company I worked for was closing, and my husband got transferred to a different state. 

I decided that a blog would be the perfect way for her to fulfill my love of writing while making an income from home. 

In less than one year, I had completely replace my previous income, with a large portion of that coming from the Amazon Associate's program.

It has since become a passion of mine to encourage and teach others to create an income from home through blogging.